11 May, 2021

New ATR Partnership

Leading turboprop manufacturer ATR is strengthening its partnership with Skyways Technics’ Malaysian branch to further support aftermarket needs in the Asia Pacific region. The synergy will offer localized support and facilitate the management of sensitive structural component repairs such as Leading-Edge, Flight Controls and Flaps.
This deeper relationship will offer operators a repair solution at a more attractive price, with greater technical support.

“As a manufacturer we are always looking for opportunities to improve our offer to our airlines and customers. This partnership allows us to consolidate and improve our GMA offer. Operators can benefit from the best of both worlds; a specialised repair partner and the manufacturer’s expertise.

Skyways Technics strong local presence in Asia Pacific also guarantees our operators in the region the best quality Leading Edge, Flap, and Flight Control repairs, managed in a timely and cost effective manner”

“We are proud to partner with ATR. Innovative partnerships such as this one will play an important role in supporting the recovery of operators throughout the Asia Pacific region.”

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