We offer competitive prices and swift repairs & overhauls.

Structural Repair

Our structural knowledge spans over 30 types of aircraft and our structural repair capabilities include:

- Radomes
- Nacelle / Cowls
- Nose / Main Landing Gear doors
- Flaps
- Floor panels / Interiors

Leading Edge Repairs

With solid expertise in Leading Edges Repairs and De-Icer Boot replacements, we provide:

- Short Turn Around Time
- Constant and reliable stock of de-icers for all positions
- Extensive Structural Repairs

We also carry a large stock of spare units and propose consignments of leading edges kits to support your daily operations for the minimum investment level.

Components Repairs

Our components shops are always ready to support aircraft maintenance or fulfill AD-HOC requests:

- Batteries
- Starter Generators
- Lights
- Heat exchangers
- Safety equipment
- Seats

Wheels & Brakes Servicing

Regular servicing and maintenance are money and time savers in the long run. Therefore, our technicians always offer excellent products powered with excellent services for the following platforms:

- ATR 42/72
- CRJ 100/200
- Wheels and Brakes Program via our Spare Part Support

We also carry stock of spare units to meet short TAT situations.

Repair Cycle Management

Through our solid experience in aircraft maintenance and spares trading activities, we can bring you the best of rotables repairs. May that be for spot requests or long-term Repair Cycle Management programs. Benefit from our worldwide repair network and ensure the best quality, value, and TAT. Our pool of rotables is also there to support unexpected lead times or replacements of non-technical and non-economical repair situations.


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