Spare Parts

From the smallest bulbs & rivets to the largest flight controls, we will handle any spare part requests.

Propeller Blade Program

ATR & Dash- 8 Propeller parts in stock and ready to be shipped.

- AD-HOC Sale, Lease, and Exchange
- Pool Agreement
- Guaranteed availability & Repair Management Program

Components Support

We stock major and minor components for ATRs, DASH 8, and CRJs aircraft, providing:

- AD-HOC Sale, Exchanges, and Loans
- Customized pooling programs
- Consignment stock and component
- 24/7/365 AOG service

Leading Edge Program

Being among the largest repair stations/suppliers of leading edges for the ATR aircraft, complete ship sets or individual leading edges are available and ready to ship.

- AD-HOC Sale, Lease, and Exchange
- Flat-rate Exchange/Repair Program
- Consignment Stock and Pooling program
- 24/7/365 AOG service

Expendables Support

We stock and offer more than 20,000 different line items and offer competitive prices for, and limited to:

- Routine, Critical & AOG deliveries
- Line maintenance kits
- Base maintenance kits
- Component Fit Kits
- Customized Consumable programs

Wheels And Brakes Program

Our customized Wheels and Brakes Support solutions:

- Ready stock for AD-HOC Sale, Exchange & Loan
- Consignment Stock and Lease Agreement
- Fully Customizable Support Programs
Repair Cycle Management

Repair Cycle Management

Through our solid experience in aircraft maintenance and spare parts trading activities, we can bring you the best of rotables repairs. May that be for spot requests or long-term Repair Cycle Management programs. Benefit from our worldwide repair network and ensure the best quality, value, and TAT. Our pool of rotables is also there to support unexpected lead times or replacements of non-repairable and non-economical repair situations.


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