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Providing the highest quality services by being present in multiple locations to reach our clients and customers with ease.
Skyways Technics: Global Network






Billund & Sønderborg, Denmark

Sønderborg Airport (SGD) is home to the Skyways Technics headquarters hosting over a 4500m2 building, including hangar capacity for three concurrent aircraft. In addition, this facility stocks spare parts, conveniently a short way from several international and regional airports in Europe. Moreover, The recently renovated Billund Airport (BLL) facilities span over 4000m2 to provide capacity for a B737 aircraft while accommodating five aircraft concurrently.

Paris, France

Skyways Technics will outsource the distribution and stock of aircraft rotables to Prodex Aero Solutions in Paris to reach its global client base more efficiently and give its clients access to aircraft parts of proven durability, repairability, and cost-effective pricing.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

From Kuala Lumpur, Skyways Technics supports the Asia Pacific regional operators and offers a large inventory of spare parts for outright, loan, and exchange. In addition, our Part 145-approved workshops focus on the maintenance of structural components, such as Leading Edges, Radomes, Doors, Flight Controls, and more.

Dubai, UAE

Our Dubai branch focuses on providing customized and flexible services to our customers in the Middle East, Africa, and Southern Asian regions, becoming our strategic link between our European and Far East Asian divisions.

Miami, USA

Skyways Technics Americas provides around-the-clock spare part support, repair management, and AOG support to ATR and CRJ operators across the North and South American region.
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