We deliver quality and effective results every time.

Base Maintenance

From our hangars in Sønderborg (SGD) and Billund (BLL) include:

- Calendar & Flight Hour Checks
- Major Modifications & Alterations
- SB & AD Incorporation
- Cargo Conversions

Line Maintenance

Expertise, experience, and organization become vital for getting the aircraft ready in time. Services include but are not limited to:

- A-checks
- Oxygen and Nitrogen Service
- Fixed Pricing
- Night Stop Handling
- Aircraft Wash

AD-HOC and AOG Maintenance

Travel is heavily dependent on time, and having teams prepped for any situation. Our skilled engineers are always ready with their travel kits to suit the ranging needs of different assignments, reducing reaction time for:

- Structural repair
- AOG maintenance
- Special tooling
- AD-HOC line maintenance

Engine Borescope

Borescope inspection, AD-HOC requests or other needs, we’re always ready to assist you.

- PW120 series
- PW150
- CF34 series
- CFM56 series
- RR AE3007 series
- Measuring capability

Other Services

Hangar Parking

Is your team ready but missing approved facilities? Our hangar at the Billund Airport (BLL) provides:

- EASA PART 145 Approved Hangar Facilities
- Tooling Available
- Fits Aircraft up to Boeing 737 and Airbus A320
- Heated Hangar
- Avoid De-icing Costs

Part 145 Storage

We offer EASA PART 145 approved storage area for rent in Billund Airport (BLL) and Sønderborg Airport (SGD).


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