Skyways Technics always offer high quality. We strive to deliver the perfect result first time and every time.

Base Maintenance
Base maintenance

Base maintenance services provided through the years from our hangars Sønderborg (SGD) and Billund (BLL) include:

  • Calendar & Flight hour checks
  • Major modifications & alterations
  • SB & AD incorporation
  • Cargo conversions
Line Maintenance
Line Maintenance

A smooth daily operation requires a strong line maintenance organisation. Expertise and experience make all the difference when it comes to getting the aircraft ready in time. Services provided count among other:

  • Oxygen and Nitrogen service
  • Fixed pricing
  • Night stop handling
  • Aircraft wash
AD-HOC and AOG maintenance
AD-HOC and AOG maintenance

Time is a critical factor when it comes to keeping aircraft on schedule. We always have teams ready for AD-HOC maintenance. Our teams consist of highly skilled engineers with travel kits to suit different assignments, minimizing our reaction time.

  • Structural repair team
  • AOG maintenance
  • Special tooling
  • AD-HOC line maintenance
Engine Borescope
Engine Borescope

Whether it’s scheduled Borescope inspection or AD-HOC requests, we are always ready to assist you.

  • PW120 series
  • PW150
  • CF34 series
  • CFM56 series
  • RR AE3007 series
  • Measuring capability

ATR 42

ATR 72

B737 CL/NG

CRJ 200/700/900/1000


ERJ 135/145

E-Jet 170/190

Falcon 2000EX / 7X

Spare Parts

At Skyways Technics we stock spare parts from the smallest bulbs and rivets to leading edges and flight controls.

Component support
Component support

Our stock consists of major as well as minor components for ATR 42, ATR 72 and CRJ 200 aircraft, enabling us to offer the following services:

  • AD-HOC sale, exchange and loan
  • PBH and customized pooling programs
  • Consignment stock and component lease agreement
  • Lease agreement
  • 24/7/365 AOG service
Consumables support
Consumables support

Our consumable offer is based on more than 20.000 different line items in stock backed. Whether you are looking to buy 1 or 1.000 pieces, we will always strive to offer you very competitive prices.

  • Routine, Critical & AOG deliveries
  • Line maintenance kits
  • Base maintenance kits
  • Component Fit Kits
  • Customized Consumable programs
Leading edge program
Leading edge program

Being among the largest repair stations/suppliers of leading edges for the ATR aircraft, complete ship sets or individual leading edge are available and ready to ship.

  • AD-HOC Sale, lease and exchange
  • Flat-rate exchange/repair program
  • Consignment stock and Pooling program
  • 24/7/365 AOG service
Wheels and Brakes program
Wheels and brakes program

We offer customizable support solutions for your ATR 42, ATR 72 and CRJ 200:

  • Ready stock for AD-HOC Sale, Exchange & Loan
  • PBH programs
  • Consignment stock and lease agreement
  • Fully customizable support programs
  • 24/7/365 AOG service
Propeller blade program
Propeller blade program

We stock propeller blades for the entire ATR family, contact us for more info:

  • AD-HOC Sale, lease and exchange
  • PBH & Pool agreement
  • Availability & Repair Management Program


Our repair team offer high quality in-house repair or overhaul at very competitive prices. Should we not have in-house capability, our services also count repair handling.

Wheels & Brakes
Wheels & Brakes Servicing

High quality repair and overhaul of your wheels and brakes can be a money saver for your operation. At Skyways Technics our engineers are highly skilled and motivated to offer you an excellent product.

We offer repair and overhaul services on:

  • ATR 42/72
  • CRJ 100/200
  • Wheels and brakes program through our Spare Part Support
Leading Edges
Leading edge boot replacement

We have a long experience in leading edges and De-Icer Boot replacement, enabling us to offer you:

  • Short turn around time
  • Competitive terms and pricing
  • Boot replacement
  • Composite repair
  • Exchange Pool Available

Skyways Technics has a team of avionic specialists standing by to support aircraft in for check and also customers with AD-HOC requests on components such as:

  • Batteries
  • Starter Generator
  • Brush block
  • Lights
Structural Repair

With structural knowledge of over 30 types of aircraft we are confident we can assist in any situation. At Skyways Technics our structure repair capabilities include:

  • Radomes
  • Engine cowls
  • Nose and Main Landing Gear doors
  • Service / pax / cargo doors
  • Flaps
  • Elevator / Aileron / Rudder
  • Floor panels / Interiors
  • Any other structure item
Repair Handling
Repair Handling

Unforeseen expensive repairs can be a result of choosing the wrong repair station. Time can be the money-saver. At Skyways Technics our repair handling team has an invaluable experience in handling the repair of parts, which is second to none.


Other Services

Services include:

Hangar Parking
Hangar Parking

Do you have your own maintenance team ready, but missing appropriate and approved facilities?
We can assist you with our hangar facilities at Billund Airport (BLL).

  • EASA PART 145 approved hangar facilities
  • Tooling available
  • Fits aircraft up to Boeing 737 and Airbus A320
  • Heated hangar
  • Avoid De-icing costs
Engine Wash
Engine Wash

Our engines wash services keeps your engines clean and decrease your maintenance cost. Our well trained team is ready to assist you.

  • Mobile wash system
  • Increase engine efficiency
  • Decrease maintenance costs
  • Longer on-wing time
Part 145 Storage
Part 145 Storage

We offer EASA PART 145 approved storage area for rent in Billund Airport (BLL) and Sønderborg Airport (SGD).

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