Sheet Metal Technician

Billund / Sønderborg

Purpose of the job:

Responsible for providing repair implementation, equipment, and tooling for all sheet metal maintenance, repair and overhaul activity requirements, and process documentation.

Key responsibilities:

The key responsibilities of this position are as outlined below but not limited to:

Team Support

  1. Support Department Head on reaching company strategic target
  2. Update Department Head on activities and achievement.

Sheet Metal Repair

  1. Perform repair which includes fabrication of repair members such doubler, plates, angle, template as per customers request in accordance with OEM maintenance and approved data such as but not limited to CMM, SRM, AMM, SRI, SB.
  2. To classify types of defects that exist on the structure and to determine types of repairs to be carried out.
  3. Support NDT contractor to perform ultrasonic inspection, eddy current inspection, magnetic particles inspection and fluorescent penetrant inspection.
  4. Incorporate customer requirements based on Purchase Orders (PO), and drawings onto product repair documentations. Maintaining of the product repair documentations’ integrity according to customers change requirements.
  5. Provide support and team up with technicians on incorporating new processes and techniques into production of an existing repair environment. This shall follow up with continuous monitoring to ensure for problem free and process efficiency.
  6. Assist Department Head in assessment and selection of materials, tool and equipment metallic & and repair processes through cost/benefit analysis.
  7. Perform all necessary visual inspection and develop preliminary inspection report which includes list of material, required tools, discrepancies, defects, orientation and photos. 
  8. Perform works which includes certification according to Skyways Technics Work Order and Work Travelers process and conform with EASA Part 145, CAAM part 145, DGCA Part 145 and other regulation requirement.
  9. After being assess and accepted, participate all works as a Certifying Staff for C18 / C20 / C4 / C8 and other rated components where applicable.
  10. Performing and signing off tasks to the standards specified in the maintenance data, and notifying supervising certifying staff in case of mistakes requiring rectification to re-establish required maintenance standards,
  11. Ensuring that only effective and current maintenance data is used for maintenance instructions,
  12. Following the organization procedures and standards when carrying out maintenance tasks and filling out the maintenance records for the assigned job,
  13. Using required serviceable tools and materials for the accomplishment of the assigned maintenance tasks as required by effective current maintenance data,
  14. Responsible for issuing Authorised Release Certificates (ARC) following maintenance of a component

Qualification and experience:

Minimum 7 years of hands-on working experience of related working experience in any of the following environments: aircraft maintenance, composite repair work, components sub-assembly works, metallic & composites materials, process engineering and components manufacturing technology, or a Bachelor Degree in Engineering or Science or related aerospace/aeronautical related field.

Competencies (Technical/personal attributes):

Good oral and written communication skills in English.

Have strong analytical and planning skills and be able to work effectively with people at all levels including those from outside organizations.

Able to work in an aggressive team environment, demonstrating exceptional communication skills on technical issues.

Apply hands-on experience with component sheet metal works, tooling methods, production procedures, maintenance data requirements to evaluate and enhance processes, products, and materials

Personal skills, leadership, teaming skills and good interpersonal social skills, strong ethics, and good work habits

Personal skills, leadership, teaming skills and good interpersonal social skills, strong ethics, and good work habits.

Ability to provide growth direction in personnel, technical, and goal to a team.

Personal Attributes: independent, proactive, resourceful.

Computer literate, experience with Microsoft Office tools (Word, Excel).

  • Know-how in shop / production organization and in efficiency and quality improvement
  • Good knowledge of part 145 regulations
  • Strong IT systems skills (production/repair activities)
  • Quality, performance and problem solving oriented
  • Positive attitude and willingness to quickly become a key element of our part 145 activities in Asia for long term development
  • Minimum 7 years experience in sheet metal / structure repairs
  • Experience in flight controls repairs and balancing

Other features of job (shift work, frequent traveling, cold environment, etc.):

Traveling may be required based on the job requirements.

Expected output:

High level of teamwork, maintaining competitive and productive and respectful work culture.


Amaury Parent, Business Development Manager -

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